Friday, July 29, 2011


 I have begun a new portrait - this time in pastel pencils and sticks - 3 colors. I thought you might like to see some of the process I go through to get to the final results. I wish I had taken a photo before this first one here, as it looks absolutely horrible when I first start out. One would never think it could turn into a realistic looking painting. I tape my paper to a drawing board which is slightly larger than the paper, and is made out of masonite. I use 
                                                                                the smooth side of the board, and use painter's tape so that it will not destroy or rip the paper when I remove it. 

Here is the stage where I have laid down the basic shading which defines the plains of the face. I've laid in the undercolor of the hair, and made sure that the strokes of the pastel are in the direction of the braids. I have also laid in her eyes and the shadow of the chin against her neck. I have begun the braids of her hair, and the hair scrunchie has its undercoating.

The next step is that I have completed the hair braids, her lips are in (although not completely rendered) and I have begun to lay in shadows in the loose part of the hair which curls around the back of her shoulder.

As this work progresses, I will finish the hair and face completely, then move to the clothing and the neck. She is already beautiful, isn't she?

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