Monday, August 1, 2011


original conte pencil/crayon 

This conte pencil/crayon portrait is completed. Really - although this medium is not nearly as easy as pencil, it is still all about value and shape. I used 3 colors in this one - Sanguine, Sepia and Black. The black was a completely different texture than the other 2 colors, so it made for an interesting experience when I was doing the black over the sanguine in the braided hair. The black is very soft compared to the chalky-ness of the sanguine and the sepia. I'm not sure what to call this one - I could just give it the name of the woman who posed for it. But that seems rather mundane. Anyone willing to suggest a title?


Paz said...

This is a wonderful portrait. She looks beautiful and I think you did an excellent job on her hair. You got those braids spot on.

Kim said...