Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Sometimes you "discover" something or someone, and you just want to share that discovery with someone - and today that's you. 

I have recently come across an artist that I admire very much. His work is so amazing and simple, so everyday. Yet it draws me in, and I could spend a great deal of time just investigating all the textures, colors, expressions, etc. But I think more than anything it is the possibility of story that I can imagine could go along with the painting that has me captivated. The painting just invites you to imagine. I can relate to the people (I don't just think of them as figures!) 

I want to paint portraits/figures in oils like this artist does. Look at the fabric! Look at the colors! Look at the simplicity of the figure and background. All is reduced to seeing the moment...

 Check out Nigel Cox to see how beautiful and captivating his paintings are, as well as an explanation of his reason for painting each one. You won't regret the few moments it takes to click through, but you might spend a lot more time just enjoying his wonderful art!


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