Sunday, September 18, 2011


The Weekend with the Masters Conference and Workshop was a fantastic experience! The flights there and back went smoothly, with all of our art supplies arriving without problem. The Portola Hotel and Spa was a lovely facility, just minutes away from a beautiful wharf area full of little shops and restaurants - and  sea lions, otters, pelicans, gulls...fabulous! 

The workshops were definitely the highlight though! Susan Lyon, Scott Burdick and David Jon Kassan are each gifted teachers as well as master artists. They are kind, considerate, helpful and most of all, encouraging. It was such a gift to be able to sit under their teaching for a full day each.

Another wonderful part of the week was to see new products at the tables set up by various companies. I would like to introduce you to one of these that I think is REALLY IMPORTANT, because if brushes help to make the artist, this is someone you will absolutely want to know about!

Rosemary had been invited to come to the conference, all the way from the UK - and it was SO worth it for us as artists! She is a one-woman small business who hand makes each of her brushes, which are truly amazing brushes. The best thing of all is that her prices are so reasonable that any artist can order them and have several (or many) in their studio. She has a catalogue which shows all of her brushes - and believe me there are more brushes than you could possibly imagine!

 You can order from Rosemary by email - which is such a convenient way to replace brushes! 
A page from the catalogue...lvoe the name for this series of brushes!

These are brushes that I bought - mongoose hair. They are so very soft and beautiful that I feel almost hesitant to use them - but I will!!!

Here is the link to Rosemary's website - I hope you enjoy finding your new brushes from amongst her many choices. And may they help you to achieve your artistic goals! 


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