Friday, September 2, 2011


I can't believe that September is already here! The long weekend which always signifies the beginning of fall is this weekend. That means cold rides on my bike instead of warm air flowing over me, cleaning up the garden and flower beds in preparation for fall, and only a few mornings of warmth left to have coffee on the deck as the sun rises. 

But, it also means that I will soon be flying to California for the Weekend with the Masters Art Workshop and Conference. My daughter and I are very excited to leave the guys in charge of the children and have a week away where we don't have to cook or clean, just soak in all the wonderful instruction and then paint! 

One of the instructors that we will be spending an entire day studying with in a small classroom setting (only 20 of us) is Scott Burdick. His style is much different from David Jon Kassan, so we will learn different techniques from him. Enjoy this video of his work.

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