Friday, December 2, 2011


While in Hawaii, we "visited" and walked the grounds of several of the resorts, even though we were staying in a condo townhouse. It was interesting to see how each resort set up their grounds, and decorated with pieces of art, both two and three dimensional.

One of the resorts had a fantastically clear pond of koi fish. There were probably more than 50 fish of various sizes, and amazing colors. They had not been fed yet, because when we stood at the side of the pond, they all came rushing to the side, mouths open and above the water. It was a frenzy, with white water splashing everywhere. I took so many pictures - and many of them turned out like abstracts, even though you can tell there are fish there. 

This is the first of the paintings I want to do from these photos - a study in watercolor. What you see here is 9 fish in various poses, water, and masking fluid to preserve the whites of the splash. Once I do more detailing in all of the fish I will remove the mask to see how this painting has turned out. I like it already, so as long as nothing goes terribly wrong, it should be a good first painting in a series of koi.

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Paz said...

lovely. love the colors and texture. the fish look so vibrant.