Saturday, March 31, 2012


I am working on a commission of a beautiful German Shepherd who was the light of his master's eye. His very thoughtful wife has commissioned me to paint the dog in pastels as a surprise birthday gift for her husband. I hope he will be very touched by her loving idea!

What a gorgeous dog he was! He is FULL of color, and loved his toys. :-) I use both Pan Pastels and pastel pencils in my work, and here you see a small array of the colors I am using in creating his likeness.

In this photo (taken at night again - sorry for the bright light shining from above), I have the first few strokes laid in. I will show you  more of Barney next week. (Thank you for giving me permission to show this work in progress Sharon!) If you know this dog, or its owner, please don't give the surprise away. :-)

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