Tuesday, April 3, 2012


cactus in progress - oil on canvas
"Another cactus?",  you ask. And I answer, "Yes - but I'm pretty sure that this is the third and final one." You raise your eyebrows, and I can't bring my eyes to meet yours...for I am really NOT sure that this is the FINAL final painting of cacti. But it COULD be, if I don't take any photos of cacti that I like, and if my friend Donna doesn't send me any more of her beautiful photos of cacti. Yes - it just might be the final oil painting of cacti for a while. But for now, I am really enjoying the greens and blues, and the bright hot sun on the curled leaves of the plant. Hmmm - are they called leaves when it is a cactus? I have a sneaking thought running around the back of my head that they are called something else. If you know, could you tell me so that I am knowledgeable about that too? Thanks!

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