Thursday, March 1, 2012


one of my students working on her drawing
One of the most rewarding parts of teaching art to kids and adults alike is when I see their  talents begin to emerge. They get excited to see what they can accomplish when they learn the proper techniques and have the right tools to reproduce the still life set before them, or the face in a picture, or even an abstract painting which is just in their minds.

This is one of my adult students who wanted to learn how to draw realistically. She did not have any particular object that she wanted to learn to draw, so I chose an antique sifter that I have probably seen this one. It's white metal with red rings and handle, and a wooden ball attached to the part that you use to sift the flour.  So, as you can imagine, there are several challenges in this still life, but the biggest one is how to draw metal so that it LOOKS like metal!  Julie is doing a great job. This will be a drawing that could be framed when it is complete, I am sure. And, I am sure she will go far now that she's had the lessons that gave her confidence, and a new way to see as an artist. ***sigh of contentment***

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