Friday, March 23, 2012


This has been a long and challenging week for me and for my family. Monday and Tuesday I taught my last two art student lessons for this spring. I took a quick picture of one of my student's abstract creation to show you - but I apologize for the poor lighting. It was night, and there was no time to set it up for a proper photo, but this will give you an idea of what she accomplished in 1.5 hours! 
Hannah's acrylic abstract

The colors in this are red, orange, yellow and black. If you click on the image, you should be able to see it more clearly in a larger format.

On Wednesday, my husband had oral surgery. It was very extensive - 2 fillings replaced, 2 cavitations taken care of, and a wisdom tooth dug out of his jaw bone. As you can imagine, he is in quite a bit of pain. But as you would NOT expect, most of his pain today is from sores which are covering the entire inside of his mouth, tongue and corners of his lips. He can hardly open his mouth to talk, and eating is slow and agonizing.

Because my husband and his welfare comes before painting, I have done very little this week! I did receive a commission which I began today, and I'll show you that next week when it is a bit further along than just the drawing.

I promised to tell you about the scary project I will be involved in soon...

For the last 2 years, I have been asked by a friend who is a pastor in a church to paint live for them at their Easter services. I resisted last year, but he "reserved" me for this year, and in the end I did say yes. Now that might not sound like a big deal...but I have 90 minutes during each of the two Easter services they run to paint the canvas and do a decent job. The canvasses are each FOUR FEET BY FIVE FEET large! So, as you can see, it will be a huge challenge to fill that amount of canvas in so short a time, and to make the things I am painting recognizable to the congregation. I am really excited to do this, yet quite "on edge" as well. I hope to get pictures taken during the process, so that I have something to show you after the long weekend. The church is planning to hang one of the paintings, and to silent auction the other. I'll be doing them in acrylic so that the canvas dries as I am working on it. What a great opportunity to serve - and on the holiest days of all the church calendar!

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