Tuesday, April 24, 2012


On my easel; click to enlarge
I am so happy because I actually got to paint today! I was feeling a bit "down" the past few days, so I knew I really needed to get into my studio, turn up the music, and just paint! A few hours later, and this is the result - about 2/3rds done with this 20" x 24" cacti piece. I am so pleased with how it is coming along.

Last night my dog was barking in the back yard, so we went to the window to see what was the problem. There was a large female moose, with 2 scars - one on her neck and another on her side. (She was here again this afternoon, so the kids have named her Scaretta. Creative!) Later in the night, just before bed, I heard something at the bird feeders. It was another porcupine. Time to put the dogs were inside for the night! Even though they may be a nuisance to our dogs, it is really special to see and enjoy the wildlife that visits us. I want to never take that kind of experience for granted! 

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