Thursday, April 19, 2012


11" x 14" pastel
"Barney" is completed, and is going to be delivered tomorrow. He won't actually be given as a birthday gift until sometime in August, so I won't know until then how Barney's master will like this portrait. However, I had a wonderful time seeing this dog come to life on the paper, and I have grown quite fond of his character as I saw it in the photo that was sent to me. It is indeed hard when our pets grown old or sick, and pass away!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with an artist friend of mine who is 82 years old She wanted some help with the eye of a bluebird in one of her paintings. She is so eager to learn and to make beauty with her talent...and she does! I love how art can bring many different people together at so many levels - and there is no age restriction or gap because of age. What a privilege to do this work on a daily basis! 

This week I also delivered 4 of my textured acrylics to a new collector. I was shocked by the art collection this couple has, including a first state print of Rembrandt's etching of the Prodigal Son. I was indeed humbled that my pieces will hang in the same house as many famous and gifted artists. So much beauty from the hands of those artists! ***sigh of contentment***

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