Tuesday, April 10, 2012



Reconciliation 1
48" x 60"
acrylic on deep profile canvas

Here you can see the set up and the process that took place as I painted live for 90 minutes during the service.

I am done! I made it through the weekend, which was very busy! I had 12 pieces in an art event over Good Friday to Easter Sunday, and sold 4 of them. :-) (Insert happy dance!) Friday evening, we attended the performance of The Uprising at FAC, and it was absolutely spectacular!!!

Then, on Saturday evening and Sunday morning, I painted live during each of RockPointe Church's (Bowridge campus)  two 
Easter services, a total of about 90 minutes each. That was not very much time to do such a large canvas (4 feet by 5 feet), but I managed to get them covered with the first couple of coats of paint. I then brought both of the canvasses home, and yesterday spent a few hours bringing the first one up to completion. Here it is, hanging on my wall. I love how this piece just glows with light! 

I have named it Reconciliation 1, as it represents several forms of that to me. The first is God's hand reaching down and out to mankind, offering complete and total reconciliation through His Son, Jesus, and mankind accepting that gift, completing the reconciliation between God and man. The second is where Jesus himself is offering us reconciliation with the Father, through His sacrifice on the cross. In accepting this free gift of salvation, we are reconciled to God. The third application I can see is that of the parable of the prodigal son. When he finally comes to his senses and returns home, the father welcomes him, and brings him back into his household, fully and freely reconciled even though he had chosen to leave and squander all that had been given to him.

One of these canvasses will be hung at RockPointe Church, and the second one is being auctioned to the highest silent bidder. The money raised will go to support the ministries of the church. People will have 4 weeks to bid, and then it will go to its new home! This was such a wonderful experience for me, and I am grateful to have been chosen to do this project on the holiest of weekends in the church calendar. 

Now, after I complete the second canvas, I hope to get back to my German Shepherd commission, and some of my other pieces which were put on hold for a looooonnngggg time!

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