Tuesday, June 26, 2012


"Trevor"  was a gorgeous pure bred Border Collie that was bred in Australia, then shipped to Canada. Trevor and his master were very close - one of those unique and very special relationships. So, when Trevor died, it was a great loss.

My client contacted me because of one of my pieces that she saw in a friend's home. She asked if I could do this piece of Trevor as a surprise birthday gift for her husband, whose birthday is in August.

Working on "Trevor" has been such a fun process. As I mentioned, he had one of the most glorious coats I have ever seen, and it took a LOT of pastel to give the depth to his coat that it needed.

 I love the expression on Trevor's face. He is so alert and intelligent, ready to "go" at a moment's notice. We have had 4 collies as pets, and I know how they live to please their owners. You can just see that in his face.

So, if you scroll down, you will see the finished work. The client came this morning to pick up the framed piece, and she is thrilled to give it to her husband. I am thrilled to think he will have a special reminder of his relationship with a creature that loves unconditionally, and enriches our lives so greatly.

So, now on to the next commission - another surprise birthday gift. This time, the husband 
contacted me and commissioned a pencil portrait of 
11" x 14" pastel
his wife and daughter. I LOVE the idea of a piece of art as a gift for any special occasion! 
happy client!


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Thank you Renate!

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful portrait to make an owner happy. Can't wait to see the mother and daughter portrait.