Monday, December 17, 2012


 I now have another Grizzly bear drawn out and started. This one is a fairly large canvas at 30" high and 40" wide. I already love the expression in this bear's eyes and the angle of his nose. This painting is in it will be lots of layers and time to set up or dry in between layers. However, that is what will give depth to his coat of fur, and hopefully make you feel like you could reach out and touch him! :-)

It is getting close to Christmas, and this year I have been contacted by two people who are giving the gift of my art to special people on their list. One is giving 6 weeks of private lessons to their loved one. The rest of the family is going to buy art supplies as his Christmas gifts (from a list I provided) so that he can practice at home in between lessons, and carry on afterward. How much fun is that!

The second person is giving a gift certificate I have created where the person will be able to choose between having a portrait of a person or pet drawn and framed OR a 5 hour private workshop in the medium of their choice. What a great gift idea!

I am looking forward to hearing how these two respond to this unique and once-in-a-lifetime gift. And, I am really looking forward to working with each of them in the New Year!

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