Tuesday, December 11, 2012


 You would think that after teaching and completing a drawing of an iguana that I would have had enough of all those lumpy, bumpy details that take so much time to complete! But, when I saw the photo of this iguana with his fiery reds, oranges and blues, I really wanted to try painting him in watercolor in a technique I have used before on other creatures. One of those creatures is the rhino which is in the banner of this blog. The other two (baby giraffe and elephant) can be seen on my website. (www.joannegiesbrecht.com)
The first steps have been completed here which include masking the whites of the paper to preserve the lightest areas of the iguana, and pouring colors to create lights, midtones and shadow areas. I have painted his orange areas in acrylic so that they remain bright and permanent throughout the rest of the painting process. (Acrylic is a water-based media as well as watercolor paint.) I have done the first layer of background which will be darkened in places as I go along. I have also shown you an area of masking which will be developed into textured bumps...lots of fun ahead!

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