Friday, January 18, 2013


 In my last post, I showed you a couple of quick demos on how you can use the technique of glazing to get watercolor paintings which glow with light. Here, you see 3 little oil paintings on which I am also going to use a glazing technique. I'll show you some of the layers of color as they are applied, but these won't be quick and easy (as I was expecting) the way the watercolor ones were.

You might be wondering "why"? Well, I have found out that the paint color I used in the background takes FOREVER to dry!!! These are little 6" x 8" canvasses, which have now been sitting for a week, and they are STILL not dry to the touch! So if you use Phalo blue in oil paintings, just be prepared for the fact that it takes even longer to dry than black. 

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