Thursday, February 21, 2013


So this 16" x 16" charcoal portrait on canvas is pretty much done. I have a couple of touches to add, but I decided to post him today rather than waiting. There is a little bit of the hat and shirt cut off in this picture, but it's good enough to show the face and hat. For detail, just enlarge by clicking on the picture.

I did this piece from a photo that I took around 8 years ago, when my daughter and her family were here with us, visiting from Mexico where they lived at the time. This is my grandson who was around a year of age, maybe a bit older. "Mats" as we call him, always loved his grandfather's hats, and when there was one similar to Grandpa's for sale at a mall nearby, my daughter bought it even though it was rather large for Mats. He wore it all the time, and eventually grew into it. (The hat was a deep blue corduroy.) Don't you love how very young children's proportions are so different from adult's? The big ears, the huge eyes, the chubby cheeks...all gone now as he grew into those features and beyond. Time flies, but I am grateful that we have memories both in pictures and now in painting.


Anonymous said...

Very cute.

Joanne Giesbrecht said...

Thanks Paz! How are you doing in NY these days? Is your snow all gone?

Anonymous said...

Doing good in the city. :-) There are only traces of snow left. Have a good weekend!