Tuesday, March 5, 2013



As some of you who are my Facebook friends already know, this past week was  hard. Our cat of 17 years, Echo, died in my arms at the vet's office. It came very suddenly - really from one day being not well to the next day being really sick, and then gone. He was a most special cat, as any who knew him would agree. He was the most mellow cat I have ever known. Miss him a lot.

So...with this life event, and teaching students, I have not done a lot in the studio until today. My 30" x 40" painting has progressed, but it is slow going since it is so large. I am already happy with how it is looking, and can't wait till I begin the horse. It just so happens that this horse belongs to my vet, so there is a link here between my black cat and the horse. Strange how life seems to connect in unusual ways, isn't it?

oil painting on the easel


Anonymous said...

Rest in peace, dear Echo.

Big hug to you, Joanne. xoxox

Joanne Giesbrecht said...

Thank you, my friend. I know that you understand how I feel...♥