Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I can't believe that it is almost a MONTH since I last posted on this blog! Where has that time disappeared???

We got back from our vacation in Hawaii on the 16th of November, and it has been non-stop visits from various technical people, delivery people, more unpacking...you get the idea! So today is truly the first day I have been able to dedicate to being in my studio. It feels good to be here, with the sun shining, the eagles soaring, and the sea lions hunting in the bay... I am very content.

I have been posting photos on FaceBook of the beaches my husband and I have been exploring - all within 15 minutes' drive of our home. They are so varied...from large rocks, to smaller pebbles, to beautiful grey-white sand. What a wonderful island this is!

As beautiful as Vancouver Island is, I must say that the Big Island of Hawaii is more than beautiful. It is spectacular. From the moment you step off the plane, the fragrance and the gentleness of the air wraps itself around you. The one "organized" activity that Syd and I did was to take a bus tour around the entire island in one day. It was a long day, but so worthwhile! We had the non-stop-talking tour guide, who gave us so much information which we would never have heard from anywhere else! He was funny, and obviously enjoyed his occupation. Since I don't have any painting pieces to show you, I thought I would show you some of the Island as we saw it. This is especially for those of you who have requested it through FB (you know who you are! :-)

After picking up people from various hotels and resorts, we headed up the coastline toward the northern tip of the island. We then turned inland, and in about the middle of the narrow part of the island, we stopped in a town called Waimea, which is centred around the Hawaiian cowboy. Yes - there is prairie and pastureland in Hawaii!!! In fact, Parker Ranch was the largest ranch in all of North America at one time. The Parker Ranch has been divided into smaller ranches now, but it still remains a very large ranch by anyone's standards. Waimea is a small town, with a couple of nice galleries, a large Parker Ranch store, and a statue celebrating the Hawaiian cowboy. As well, the stop signs are pretty unique! It is definitely a beautiful drive, and you can see a great vista from the viewing turnouts along the way. 

One of the things I did not realize is how many different types of palm trees there are! My favorite is this one: the Foxtail Palm. It is fuzzy looking compared to some others, and looks really "full". The beautiful wide-spreading trees in the background are the Monkey-Pod trees, which are fantastic!

Next time I post (and I promise it will be a LOT sooner than a month!) I will have some work to show you and I'll give you some more photos of our time in Hawaii. Till then, stay warm wherever you are!

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