Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I think I am done!!! Unless I find another box in the garage which needs to be unpacked and put into the studio, I think the set-up is complete!!! Tomorrow it will be 3 weeks since the movers hauled in all our belongings, and left us at the end of the day wondering how we had accumulated so much over the years, even after we had given away so much and taken so much to the dump...I am sure most people who move feel the same. 

So, I am really happy with my studio space! I have a huge closet which has become my storage space. My bookshelves fit in there perfectly, and my husband built shelving to the ceiling, so there was a ton of room for things like the materials I use to teach children and my resource books. As well, my sewing wardrobe/cupboard with all my material and sewing machine fit in there. 
Storage closet
The studio itself is filled with fantastic light at all times of the day, even if it is not sunny outside! The windows are huge, the ceilings are 9 feet high, and as it is at ground level, it feels like an airy and beautiful creative space.

It is early afternoon, and you can see how bright the room is! 

Here you can see the location of the storage closet

Love how many windows I have!
As I am sitting at my low table, I can see over the fence to the islands that our house faces. From upstairs, where the main living area is, there are spectacular views of Lesquiti Island, Texada Island, and the mainland where we can even see the snow-topped mountain at Whistler! Here is a photo taken today - sunny and calm, and another taken at sunset the other night.

At the far right of the photo, you can see Whistler Mtn.

In addition to the wonderful view of mountains, we are being treated to a variety of wildlife! We have the seagulls as you would expect, but we also have loons in the bay - they winter here! Sea lions have been almost a daily sighting, and we often hear them barking. Just at the side our backyard, there are huge cedar trees which are favorite perches for eagles, and we are told these are their mating trees as well. It is a thrill to hear an eagle's call up close...

Can you see the second eagle hiding behind the tree branch?
I am anxious and excited to work in this new home, in my new studio, but my new beginnings will have to wait just a bit longer. Back in the spring, we booked a vacation for the first couple of weeks in November, thinking that our house in Calgary might not sell. We certainly did not anticipate only being in a new location for 3 weeks and then leaving it...but life is full of the unexpected! So in just a couple of days, we are flying to the big island of Hawaii for a two week break from packing and setting up our home. When we come back, it will be "home" to which we are returning, and the feeling of being settled here will begin. Then, with all the photos and inspiration of Hawaii, and of this beautiful Canadian island, I will begin painting again. I can hardly wait!!! :-)



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Oh Joanne! It looks so perfect!! It's been 23 yrs since I've been to the Island. There's something about God's beauty that inspires creativity, eh?!