Sunday, December 15, 2013


Most Saturdays my husband, border collie, and I go to one of the many beaches within a 15 minute drive from our home, and walk/explore for a few hours. Yesterday was no different, but we had the beach mostly to ourselves, perhaps because it was a bit rainy and windy. It might also have been because it was high tide, and so the amount of beach to walk on was limited.

We walked to one end of the beach, then turned around and walked to the other end of the beach - a really long distance. I was looking for sea glass, which would be a very rare find. I did find a piece of glass, but it was not weathered and smoothened by the was too new. But what I DID find was a small snail-type of shell which was lovely.  As we were walking further, we suddenly came across 3 more snail-type of shells which were BIG! I have put a Sharpie pen in the photo to show you how large they are!

Now you might not think these shells are very spectacular as far as color goes, but when we picked them up, they were wet and the colors were fantastic! So here is a photo of how they change when I wet them...
Isn't it wonderful how the pinks, greens and blues suddenly show up? I intend to paint these and other photos I have taken of the beaches around here, starting in the New Year. I think they will be gorgeous!
In the meantime, I have begun another Venetian Plaster piece of a Redwood Cedar branch. Here it is, dried and ready for the painting process...
As well, I have a commissioned piece drawn out, and will begin work on it in the next couple of days. It is a watercolor of a little boy which I am really looking forward to painting for my client. :-)
I hope you are all keeping warm, especially if you live in an area which is being blasted with winter weather.  Our son and his family arrive the end of this week, so we are really looking forward to being together here in our new home. I also hope each of you has a wonderful holiday time with friends and family. It is hard to believe that there are only 16 days left in 2013!

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