Thursday, February 20, 2014


I never thought that I would be a "runner", rising early in the morning to run the streets in the middle of winter. But that is just what has happened, even though I don't really like running. What I DO like though, is that I feel like I have accomplished something for my fitness level when I make sure to exercise, and since my husband needs company when he runs...well, that's how it all began. 

I also never thought I would join a hiking group! I am really not a "club" person. But because it is a good way to get to know people when one has just moved, we joined a "newcomers club", and within that group we have joined the hiking group. Every Friday there is an approximately 6 km. hike which you can go on if you choose - and we have chosen to do so every week but one where we had a prior commitment. 

Two weeks ago, we went to the Little Qualicum Falls, which looked like this on that day:
It was a very frosty morning as you can see by the snow/ice on the sides of the rock. It is a beautiful falls, and the hike to get there was through amazing forest which takes your breath away with its beauty.

Last week we went along French Creek and then deep into forested land to see a tree which is a giant. It took 14 people to circle the tree, holding hands around its base. It towers so high in the forest that you can't see its top.

I am not just running and hiking though. We bought some plants (Rhododendrons and Heather) to plant in the beds which are at the front of our house, and they are going into the ground as I sit here at my computer. We also visited an organic farm this week, and bought some herbs, strawberries and lettuce to transplant into pots on our deck just off the kitchen. It is so exciting to be able to do these things so early in the year! 

And I have been a busy person in my studio. I am getting close to finishing a watercolor commission, and I have begun a new half-sheet watercolor. And....I have been doing work on my taxes (blech!). Only another day or two to finish those up (double blech!).

So, with running, hiking, gardening, as well as all the normal stuff like meals and laundry, life seems full. In the midst of it all, it is great to walk into my small space, hide myself away and create. Painting is what keeps me in balance. It fills my sails, and gives me wings to do other things - running, hiking, and so on. :-) I really encourage you to find your way to be creative. Here is an article which explains how "creativity breeds happiness", written by Tom Jacobs. I think you will enjoy reading it! And happy creating!!! 

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