Monday, March 3, 2014


What makes you think of your mother's hands? My mom died when I was in my 30's, yet I can still remember her hands.  One of the first drawings I ever did, in a class at Alberta College of Art and Design, was of some of the things she used in life, which made me think of her hands. She was a wonderful baker, and as a child, seeing this flour sifter, egg beater and rolling pin on our kitchen counter was exciting. I knew it meant the smell of "sweet", and tasty desserts would be part of dinner that night. It also meant I could watch her putting together the ingredients, and maybe get to lick out a bowl of cookie dough. 

 A couple of years ago I used the sifter as a prop when teaching a student. Drawing the sifter made me quite nostalgic, and brought my mother's hands to mind very vividly. I'm so glad I have a few of these items which have become "heritage" pieces for me, and make me grateful for all the good memories I have associated with them.

Do you have objects which bring back memories of your childhood for you?

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