Monday, October 27, 2014


I am VERY annoyed! For over a week, I have been unable to access my blog account because of a free widget I installed back when I first started this blog several years ago. The widget was from a company named NeoCounter, and kept track of the number of visitors to my blog. 

Last week, when anyone tried to visit my blog, they were instantly and automatically redirected to one of NeoCounter's pages which was trying to sell their widgets. I could not get to my blog no matter what I tried. Today, I had determined I was going to contact blogspot to ask for their help, when I discovered a "backdoor". I then removed the widget, and once gone, the problem was gone.

I advise everyone to remove the NeoCounter widget if you have it on your blog, and to not install it EVER if you were thinking of doing so. 

Hopefully, everything on this page is now working well...


Catherine Lindberg said...

Hi there, I just noticed tonight that my blog too has been hijacked! And yes, years ago when I started up my blog I too installed the neocounter.

You say you removed it and that solved your problem. I read others have too. My problem is I don't know HOW to remove it. Is it possible for you to tell me how? What did you do to remove it?

Catherine Lindberg said...

Joanne, I just did it! I googled what you said to do and someone said to use the dashboard layout wizard and then click EDIT on the NeoCounter tool and click REMOVE. Once it was gone, you were right, it is fixed!

Joanne Giesbrecht said...

YAY CATHERINE!!!!! So glad you were able to get free of the awful program too!!! I don't think Neocounter is going to sell too many subscriptions by this method!

Happy dancing for you! :-)