Tuesday, November 4, 2014


A few years ago, I discovered and fell in love with the look of paintings done in Venetian Plaster. It was almost 2 years ago that I had the great privilege of taking a weekend workshop from a Calgary artist, Adele Woolsey,  whose plaster work I had long admired. It was a great experience, and my love of the medium only increased!

It was shortly after taking the workshop that my art life had to be put mostly on hold. Our acreage sold, supplies were packed up and sent into storage, and for almost a year I didn't work in Venetian Plaster at all. 

In January of this year, I finished two large pieces (one is hanging in a gallery/studio currently), and just this past week I finished up 10 small 6" x 6" pieces, and created 4 more mid-sized pieces to use up the plaster I had. That's when the problem was discovered...

I went in to Nanaimo to buy more Venetian Plaster, only to find that most stores no longer carry it!!! I am in shock. I contacted the company that manufactures the product, and they said there are a limited number of stores in North America carrying the plaster, and to check stores in my local area to see if any are continuing to carry it. I have one last place to try tomorrow, and if they don't stock it, then this may be the end of a wonderful working relationship between me and this product. :-( 

Here are some of the 10 pieces I have just finished, all of which are celebrating the beauty of the leaves on our trees in fall. They are each 6" x 6" on cradled birch panel.

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LeeAnn Petropoulos said...

Wow - what a tragedy that would be if you could never work with this again, because those are STUNNING! Good luck with your search.