Sunday, January 25, 2015


12" x 24" oil on canvas
I am so very blessed to have friends who give me photos they have taken as references for my paintings! This painting is based on one of those photos from a longtime friend, Bob.

Bob was visiting relatives in Mexico, and saw this old boat. It was still in use, even though its condition was pretty decrepit. The sides of the boat were worn thin, and most of the original shape was lost to the hills and valleys it now sported. When Bob investigated, he found that the reason the wood has been worn away is that the fishermen pull their nets in over the sides of the boat, and through the years of constant use, a new shape has emerged. "Stuff" was left in the bottom of the boat - a plastic jug, some pieces of wood, a cloth, another plastic container, and a bottle with a red top. (I think it was a Coke bottle.) The water that the boat was in was such beautiful was fun to replicate!

This piece is for sale. If you want to inquire about it, please contact me via email.

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