Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I have just finished teaching a workshop in Qualicum Beach at The Collective, which is an artists' studio and gallery. The course was once a week for 6 weeks, and what fun it was to be with a great group of 7 ladies! They all worked really hard, and were very successful with their paintings, even though most had not worked with acrylic paint before. What was especially exciting was that each person's sunflower turned out differently and unique to the person painting.  I was very sad to say goodbye to "my ladies" at the end of the 6th class! 

Here are some pictures of them on the last day, painting their backgrounds. Each person chose her own background colors which ranged from brown to black, to green to red. They really looked lovely, each one!

I am putting together another 6 week workshop, in oils this time,  which will begin mid-April. If you are in the area, and interested, just contact Andrea at The Collective, 250-607-7351 or drop in at 3-177 West Second Avenue, Qualicum Beach. She will be happy to put your name on the list for my class.

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