Thursday, March 24, 2016


We have been "out and about" for the last several days, and I am falling behind in posting pictures of what we've been doing! Everyone is feeling much better health-wise, so we have been able to do some exploring.

We went into Madrid on the train (I love how convenient travel is in Europe with their train system) to visit the Madrid Railway Museum. It is one of the largest historic railroad collections in all of Europe. The architect of the building was Gustave Eiffel - the same man who designed the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This was a wonderful experience for the majority of the family, who are all interested in history. One of the trains (photo below) was similar to one which my son-in-law, Kurt, traveled on way back when he first visited Europe. We were able to walk through it - very spacious and not much different than the modern trains, really.

There were many, many trains from all ages. One of the engines had a great deal of corrosion, and I was able to take some photos through the lace-like pattern of the remaining metal...really cool! 

After a couple of hours in the museum, we were able to find a yummy Indian restaurant where we enjoyed a great meal. It was a fun and interesting day!

Madrid Railway Museum, designed by Eiffel

One of the first high speed trains in Europe
Sydney enjoyed peeking into the trains which were not open for inspection

Through the corrosion of an engine

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