Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Last week we visited Parque Europa, one of the largest themed parks in Europe - 233,000 square meters of land. Parque Europa boasts 18 reproductions of the most important monuments of many European cities. It also has areas of different activities for kids and adults alike, as well as 3 lakes and green spaces to enjoy. 

Many of the activities were still not open, which we thought odd as it was spring break and kids were out of school. Still, we made the best of our time there, and as you see below, "our" kids played mini golf, and they (and grandpa) had a great time with archery.

Below are some of the monuments which may be familiar to you...we traveled all over Europe in a few hours! :-) It was sunny, and cloudy all afternoon, and when we left, it began to rain - so the timing was perfect. I am glad we were not there in summer - I think it would be very hot to walk the park on a Spanish summer day!

London Bridge

Berlin Expo Sculpture

Trevi Fountain

Eiffel Tower

olive tree

mini golf


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