Monday, May 5, 2008

Abstract Acrylic

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Okay - I guess I will have to admit that I think I am up against a wall. I have not been able to get to painting for going on 2 weeks now, and this morning, after working on one painting for a couple of hours, I think it is headed for the fireplace. Really.

The painting is a watercolor that I began quite some time ago, but could not get some parts quite right. I liked the composition, the colors, the subject matter, but it is on a different paper than I usually paint on (Arches 300 lb. cold press). This paper (Opus, 140 lb.) is very different. It seemed to grab the paint and not allow it to spread or blend in the way watercolor would normally do. So right from the start, it was one challenge after another to overcome. In attempting to either cure it or kill it this morning, I think it is now officially dead. It has been a long time since this has happened to me, and I find I am discouraged, especially since I have so little time left to do any more painting before we leave on holidays very early this Friday morning.

So... I have decided to post an abstract acrylic that I did a few weeks ago. This is the first abstract I have ever done - it felt like playing on the playground at recess. It was as if this was not even painting - just having fun. There was a lot of freedom in doing this piece.

I used an acrylic medium gel which gave me a bit more time to do some pushing and burnishing of colors. In Calgary, the air is so dry that acrylic goes on and is almost instantly "dry". You may wonder what this piece represents. For me, it was an afternoon of spiritual thoughts and meditation while I was painting, and so I think the abstract reflects that.

I am looking forward to taking lots of photos while in Mexico which will inspire my work when I return. I will try to post some of these photos from Guadalajara. I hear it is an architecturally beautiful city, and of course, there will be lots of markets, and local culture to enjoy. Maybe by the time we return to Alberta, the leaves will be out on the trees!

Adios, amigos!


Michelle said...

WOW! I think this piece makes up for the one that wasn't working out for you.

I'd love to see you explore this further, I'm really impressed by this abstraction.

Have safe travels. :)

Kim said...

Who are you and what have you done with my mother?? No, seriously, this is really GOOD! Is there anything that you can't do (besides one watercolor on 140 lb paper)? There are new trees in bloom ones...and I cannot wait for you to see them. I hope you are inspired here. Counting down the days!

Anonymous said...

This piece certainly feels very spiritual. Beautiful colour, Joanne.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I like the colors, too. Looking forward to the photos of your trip. Cool!


Frank Gardner said...

Have a safe trip!

Pablo Villicana Lara said...

Lucky lucky! You're going to love Guadalajara! My sister used to live there and said it was beautiful! I can't wait to see your pics!
I bet it'll be just the inspiration you'll need!

Jean Victory said...

Thanks for your concern and the kind words you left on my blog. I'm still not 100% yet but I did manage to paint a small still life of lemons. Enough about looks like you've been so busy and have produced lots of new work, good for you! Love the pieces!