Monday, May 26, 2008

Holiday is over and I am back

May 8th, 2008

May 26, 2008

We are back from our too-short trip to Mexico, where we enjoyed very warm temperatures and sunshine every single day! As well, we enjoyed our family, and had a couple of side trips which were rather eventful.

As you can see from the 1st picture above, the evening before we were to leave on holidays there was a big snowstorm here. (This picture was taken as it was getting dark.) We got up at 3:00 a.m., and had to use the Jeep with its 4-wheel drive to get to the airport. What would normally have taken 30 minutes took us well over an hour, with no traffic. If we did not have the Jeep, we would definitely not have made it.

We arrived home late last night, to temperatures of only 7 degrees Celsius (45 Fahrenheit) and lots of rain, which continued all day today. I wanted to turn around and head back to Guadalajara, where weather is as it should be at the end of May!!!  Our coolest day would have been around 28 C. (82 F.), and the hottest around 38 C.  (100 F.) The one encouraging change here in Canada since we left is that the leaves are out on the trees and the grass is finally showing and green. What a weird spring this has been.

My whole day today was spent grocery shopping, doing laundry, and other odd jobs that needed taking care of before I return to work tomorrow, so no painting done today! It will be Friday before I put brush to paper, so I won't be posting paintings till the weekend or a week from today.  However, I will post some of the photos and our holiday "adventures" before then, so stay tuned!


Cheryl McCarley said...

Welcome back...oh how I miss the snow! I know you can say it. Glad you had a nice vacation! It's nice to see other artists having to grocery shop and laundry! :) Paint, paint!

Joanne said...

Hey Cheryl!
Yes, the ordinary aspects of life so often interfere with the desire to create! However, they will all be put aside on the weekend if I have anything to do with it, and then, like you, I shall paint, paint, paint! :-)

Anonymous said...

YAY! You're back! A little birdie told me you sold a piece through the art auction - which one?

Michelle said...

Tweet tweet. (I'm a little birdie) ;)

So glad you are back. Not so glad to click on your page and see SNOW. Hopefully it will only be in pictures for a while. :)

Joanne said...

Hi Veronica!

Yes - I hear that I did sell one of my paintings in the art show. "Pink Ladies" is the one which was picked up. I am glad that one went - it was a favorite of mine and lots of fun to paint. I'm looking forward to seeing you at the BBQ on Sunday! :-)

Joanne said...

Hey Michelle,

Thankfully the snow is now completely gone, and our leaves and grass are green and growing. So are my new crop of dandelions! Thanks for all you did to get my paintings to and from the show... you are such a wonderful friend! Looking forward to seeing your newest piece on your blog.