Monday, January 18, 2010

Agave Plant 2

I cannot believe how insanely busy I have been the last couple of months! But by the end of this week, I believe things will come back to a "normal" schedule in my life. The problem is that the important things which have kept me very busy with are not painting projects, so I haven't gotten too far with my latest 2 paintings (this is the second of the 2 I started). But I have promised myself that by my post on Thursday, there will be progress made!

I decided to do this plant in watercolor as well as in oil. It is a very interesting process to be working on both of them at the same time, and to experience the differences -in the way they look, in their textures, colors and so on. I like each one for different reasons. Each has a different feel, but the light still appears to bounce around and illuminate the Agave plant's leaves. This 11" x 15" watercolor painting at its beginning stages -just like the oil painting in my last post. It has only the first wash laid down on the paper (140 lb. Arches).

Saturday I went to "my" art store and picked up the last 6 canvasses of my October order. Six big beautiful 30" x 30" canvasses. I now have more than enough canvas to work through my ideas for this year, starting the last week of January, for sure... I think! :-)

Have a great week.


Gary Keimig said...

Very nice presentation. Beautifully handled.

Joanne said...

Thank you, Gary! How is your New Year going for you? Are you getting lots done? Thanks for your visit and you kind words of encouragement. Hope to "see" you again soon. :-)