Friday, August 20, 2010

Wedding Gifts

Now that the wedding is over, I can show you the pieces I did as the wedding gifts.

The bride and groom were very specific in what they wanted for size, number, and color in my textured acrylic painting, but left it up to me to design the textures and how I put together the color combinations.

The couple wanted 6 paintings which were 8" x 8", in the colors of navy, green, bronze, silver, cream, and purple. The paintings were to hang in their bedroom.

This couple is extremely creative - involved in the arts in every, productions, events, music, instrumentation, orchestration, voice, writing of music, and on and I wanted the paintings to reflect the diversity of their talents, and be pieces of art which they would enjoy for years to come. (To give you an idea of how fun the weekend was - the wedding was in a small theatre in the city, with a playbill as the bulletin. The ceremony was even livestreamed to the internet.)

So here are the first 2 of the series. The bronze and silver painting is purely texture while the navy, silver and green are representational of an image... I was thinking of dark waves of water, with the silver as the foaming of the wave action. The green shells, of course, are on the beach, in the midst of the wave movement.

Next week I'll show you the others in this series. Have a wonderful weekend!

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