Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wedding Gifts, last 2 paintings

Here are the last 2 of the wedding gift commission.

In this painting you can see all of the colors which were a part of the paintings - the navy, silver, cream, purple, bronze and green.

This painting was the favorite of my family... the heads of the flowers were created with a different medium from that which was applied to the canvas, then adhered to the background. The stems for each of the flowers was cut into the background medium, and painted deep green inside the slit with a very tiny brush.

The bride and groom told me that they were very happy with the paintings, liking that 3 were totally abstract, and 3 more image oriented.

The wedding/reception/Sunday BBQ were fun to attend! I was a part of the choir for the wedding ceremony, and created paintings for each of the wedding attendants which the couple presented to them as their thank you gift. What a privilege to be so involved!

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