Friday, October 15, 2010

Copper Series #1
Copper Series #4

A collector of mine from British Columbia was recently in Calgary. She and her family were some of the first people I came to know when I first arrived in Calgary so many years ago. So she is not only one of my most faithful supporters, she is also a very dear friend.

Recently she purchased some amazing copper candle holders in the States, (something to do with Frank Lloyd Wright :-), and when she saw these two paintings which were ready for my November show, she had to have them! She graciously offered to leave them here until the show was over, for others to see...but I thought she should have them right away instead of waiting several weeks

She is going to pair the paintings and the candle holders to create a "Zen-like space" in her place of work, which is a highly stressful professional health practitioner's office. Once again she told me that the pictures of my work on the internet look good - but are NOTHING compared to how they look in person! To see the true beauty of these textured acrylics, make sure you come to my show on November 13th and 14th.

Come back for more details about the show in my next few blogs...

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