Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Watercolor study for a commission

I am back to watercolors for a while. What you see on my easel is an unfinished watercolor study for a commission I am working on of a fly fisherman.

It is so great to paint in these gorgeous colors that make up the water, and to work in blooms and backruns as part of the stream's movement. I think what I will do is experiment on the study, and then move to the similar part of the commission and recreate what I liked in the study, piece by piece. That will be easier and quicker than making notes, and then trying to decipher them later! 
:-) As well, I will have the paint already mixed and ready to go - so why not? We'll see if I like this method better than doing the entire study first, then the commission.

The study will be finished and available for sale in my home art show, November 13th and 14th. More details to follow.

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