Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We have had so much rain this spring/summer that it MUST be a record. This duck is actually standing on top of a fence post that is normally more than 5 feet out of the ground. The barbed wire "floating" in the water is the top string on the post.  Seems that even the duck has had enough of the water!

 Two storms last week came through in quick succession, with lots of hail. We now have hail damage on our house and our roof shingles. Sigh. But that is nothing compared to the tragedy which struck with the 3rd storm in less than a week. A man went to move his car in the deluge, and as the water poured down his driveway, he lost his footing and was swept under his vehicle. He became so wedged in the space that he could not get out, and he drowned. My heart just aches for his family. What a tragic and freak accident.

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